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Have you ever wanted glasses to make a statement?

Add a splash of color and character to your table settings with new, iconic tableware

  • Glassware

    Welcome home to the glassware of your dreams. With our collection of hand blown glassware, you'll have everything you need to make your home complete. From a classically styled set for every day to something more glamorous for a special occasion, we have it all to suit all of your needs.

  • Glass Cups and Ceramic Mugs

    The drinkware will also help you with visual styling in your home. Store your cups and mugs on open shelving – mix and match different styles and colours. We offer a wide selection of cups and mugs that are available in all sorts of colours, patterns, and styles.

  • Glass Straws and Spoons

    Durable and specifically made to withstand high temperatures with high borosilicate glass. The handmade production creates a more rustic finish, as such, slight imperfections, bubbles and undulations are part of the beauty of this product and process.

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